2019 Fire Safety Training

2019-04-18 09:38

In order to enhance the fire safety awareness and emergency handling ability of employees of the company and enterprises in the park, the company organized a fire safety training and fire evacuation and on-site fire fighting drill together with the fire brigade of the park on April 12, 2019. At 8:15 a.m., the fire alarm bell sounded, all personnel through the fire channel in accordance with the designated evacuation route, orderly emergency evacuation, and the first time to evacuate to the complex square square safety area. The timing results show that all the personnel of our company and the enterprises in the area have evacuated to the safe area within the specified time.


The fire training institution trained the employees of our company and all enterprises on fire safety knowledge, explaining in detail the basic knowledge of fire, the functions of various fire fighting facilities and equipment, how to correctly use fire fighting facilities and how to evacuate from the scene of fire, and requiring everyone to master the "four abilities" of fire safety: 1. Check the ability to eliminate fire hazards 2. Organize the initial fire fighting ability 3. Organize personnel evacuation ability 4. Fire propaganda, education and training ability), do a good job in their own areas of hidden danger investigation.

The drill deepened the staff's understanding of the fire risk, enhanced the staff's emergency ability to deal with emergencies, and popularized The training instructor demonstrated the standard use of fire extinguishers, fire hoses and other fire equipment on site, and then organized employees to use fire extinguishers and fire water guns for fire fighting exercises to increase their practical ability.



the common sense of fire safety. The company will always strictly implement the relevant regulations on fire safety and do a solid job of daily fire inspection.

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